The Executive Board

The officers of the Board are :

  • President APQO;
  • Immediate Past President APQO ( non -voting );
  • Chairman, GPEA - APQO
  • Vice-President for External Affairs & Membership;
  • Vice - President Finance / Treasurer
  • Vice-President for Publications;
  • Vice President / Director - Research & Development
  • Vice-President for Conferences ( non voting ) and
  • General Manager / SG APQO ( non -voting )
  • other persons as deemed necessary by the

The Officers constituting the Executive Board must be Affiliated Members of APQO.

The Executive Board will be responsible for:

  • 1. the overall performance of APQO;
  • 2. the approval of work plan budget and ensuring the effective use and management of APQO funds
  • 3. the introduction and periodic review for effectiveness of APQO programmes to meet members’ needs
  • 4. the preparatory work for a successful and efficient conduct of core council meetings; and,
  • 5. ensuring compliance to all regulatory and financial management procedures
  • 6. all other necessary activities to ensure the professional conduct of APQO.

The APQO Executive Board meets at least once a year formally face to face, however will carry out its work e.g. seeking approval s etc via e-mail as and when required.

The term of office of APQO Executive Board Members runs for a period of three working years from the conclusion of the Annual Conference. No officer may be re-elected for more than two consecutive terms. However, for General Manager / SG a reappointment would be needed which would require APQO Executive Board voting for or against reappointment.

The Executive Board may formulate Rules of Procedure subject to the approval of the Core Council.

The Management

The Management of the APQO will be entrusted to:

1. The APQO Core Council, composed of the Organization's officers and the nominated representatives of each Full Member; the Executive Board composed of APQO Off

2. Any Committee, Section or other body deemed necessary and established by the Core Council for the achievement of the aims of APQO.

  • - In an event the President is unable to act/ not available the Vice President for External Affairs & Membership takes over to act in President's role.
  • - In Civil and Financial matters, APQO is to be represented jointly by the President and Vice President for Finance/Treasurer.
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