The GPEA (formerly known as the International Asia Pacific Quality Award (IAPQA) introduced in 2000) is the only formal international recognition of performance/business excellence. In 2010, the name of the award was changed from IAPQA to GPEA to reflect the evolution in the field of quality from a focus on product and service quality to a strategic focus encompassing overall organizational performance termed performance / organizational / business excellence. The GEPA endeavors to bridge the cultural geographic and economic system gap of National Quality Awards (NQA).

The Global Performance Excellence Award (GPEA) is administered by the Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO).

GPEA Brochure 2018
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Walter Hurd Executive Medal

The Walter L. Hurd Executive Medal is presented annually to an exeutive (president, CEO, principal, owner, or senior vice president of a major corporation) who has demonstrated exceptional adherence to quality principles and provide leadership in the quality movement, both within his/her organization and outside of that organization. This individual must be an excellent role model for executives throughout the Pacific Rim nations, with an excellent personal reputation and a high degree of integrity.

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Harrington / Ishikawa Professional Medal

The Harrington/Ishikawa Professional Medal is presented annually to a quality professional that has distinguished himself/herself as a person who has made outstanding contributions to the promotion of quality methodologies in the Asia Pacific region.

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The Milflora M. Gatchalian Medal (MMG Medal)

The MIFLORA M. GATCHALIAN MEDAL (MMG Medal) is presented annually to a woman quality professional who has distinguished herself as a person with known integrity and is recognized for her outstanding contributions to the promotion of quality innovation and practice in the Asia Pacific region.

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APQO Woman of the Year Award

The APOQ Women of the Year Award is an exciting milestone celebration of talent, achievement, imagination and innovation. The Award recognizes women whose exemplary participation in Productivity /Quality / Business Excellence contributed to the vitality of the local, regional, national or global community.

If you know a woman who has made a unique and exemplary contribution to her field, we hope you will take this opportunity to nominate her for the Award.

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Armand V. Feigenbaum Lifetime Achievement Medal

The Armand V. Feigenbaum Lifetime Achievement Medal is presented annually to an individual whose relentless pursuit of performance improvement over a minimum of 25 years has distinguished himself or herself for the candidate’s work in promoting the use of quality methodologies and principles within and outside of the organization he or she is part of. The candidate should be active in promoting quality principles through publications by publishing articles and books on quality as well as giving freely of their his or her personal time to publish and present papers at conferences and to serve as a volunteer leader in for nonprofit-making professional societies. The ideal candidate would have been active in promoting quality principles and methodologies internationally.

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Prof Liu Yuanzhang Frontline Worker Quality Contribution Award

This medal is presented annually to a frontline worker(s) who takes an individual active role to control, insure or improve the daily operations of any work activity including design, development, production, service delivery or government activities for the organization, suppliers, customers, users or other employees.

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President’s Award for Excellence

A special recognition can be accorded to any team or Individuals who had continued to contribute unselfishly to the success of APQO programmes and activities leading or a positive outcome in support of APQO's Vision and Mission.

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APQO Special recognition

This Award is presented to a deserving nominee who have accomplished outstanding service of consistently high standards and active participation in the effort to champion APQO and or development of program that has benefited APQO members and stakeholders.

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